We believe in a fungal based future of colors

Colors are everywhere

Almost no industrial product succeeds without them. But the process of dyeing causes big environmental problems. Most synthetic dyes are toxic, carcinogenic and harmful to the ecosystem. Thereby, 200,000 tons of dyes are released with the textile industry waste water into the environment every year. We want to establish a more sustainable alternative.

The fungal universe of colors

Natural dyes are gaining increasing social and industrial importance. As a natural, pollutant-neutral and resource-saving substitute for synthetic dyes, they are moving into the focus of more sustainable production. We use the enormous potential of fungi, which offer an unlimited diversity of natural dyes that cover a lively, broad color spectrum. Fungal based dyes provide the opportunity to replace harmful synthetic dyes in the textile and further industries.

About us

We are Birke Weber and Friederike Hoberg, a designer and a biological chemist. We share the same passion for fungi and the vast possibilities they offer for a more sustainable world. As a textile and fashion designer, Birke has previously researched ecological textile development, focusing her work around the question of living in symbiosis with our environment. Friederike already dedicated her research to fungi both at the molecular and genetic engineering level as well as regarding the applicability of fungi or fungi-based products as sustainable resources for biological transformations. Our interdisciplinary thinking in the combination of biotech, design and nature is the innovative power of MycoColors.

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